Minefill Symposium

An international symposium
on mining with backfill



The Minefill Symposium is a prestigious event, bringing together leading professionals and experts from the global mining industry to exchange knowledge, explore innovative solutions, and shape the future of mine backfill and its place in mine waste management.


Shaping the future of mine backfill

The Minefill Symposium stands out for providing a unique platform that fosters collaboration, showcases cutting-edge research, and promotes best practices in the field of mine backfill. It serves as a valuable opportunity for researchers, engineers, industry leaders, and policy makers to connect, share insights, and contribute to the sustainable development of mining operations worldwide.


Ways to connect

By joining us at the Minefill Symposium you will gain valuable insights, forge meaningful relationships, and contribute to shaping the future of sustainable mining practices. Your expertise and contributions are highly valued. We are excited to have you join us!

Minefill 2024 is over.

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